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The Brain is a historically important house and techno club in Soho, London. It was located on the former premises of the Apollo Club on 11 Wardour Street . The Brain was founded in 1989 by Sean McLusky and Mark 'Wigan' Williams. Several now famous DJs and producers played at the club, including Norman Cook, Orbital, Leftfield, Billy Nasty, Goldie, Moby, Graeme Park, The Shamen, Mixmaster Morris, Andrew Weatherall, and A Guy Called Gerald. At the time there was little actual live performance on the techno scene (this would change later with the advent of raves). The Brain encouraged live sets and P.As at a time when only mainstream house music used vocals on tracks.
The club is also famous for the eclectic crowd it attracted, including the likes of; Boy George, Gilles Peterson, Bobby Gillespie, Chemical Brothers, Rankin (photographer) and Jefferson Hack founders of Dazed & Confused (Magazine), Paul Oakenfold, John Galliano, Rifat Ozbek, Gavin Rossdale from Bush (band), artists Olly and Suzi, Trip City (novel) author Trevor Miller, Tim Simenon, Neneh Cherry, Mark Moore, George Michael, The Farm (band), Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, Robert Elms, Sheryl Garrett Editor of The Face, founder of Loaded (magazine) James Brown, and Oswald Boateng. Global celebrities like Christy Turlington, Brigitte Nielsen, and Matt Dillon were also spotted inside the venue.
BRAINWASHED will be an oral history of the club constructed from 100 plus interviews.
Interviews begin on this project - OCTOBER 2006.
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A series of short stories that chronicle 12 years in Los Angeles, including: The Shootist - the tale of a corrupt celebrity photography embroiled in a blackmail scheme. Crime-adelic - A drug-addled thief is mistaken for a famous writer. Tony Casanova - The rise and fall of an adult filmmaker.
An unpublished manuscript in progress.
A nightclub promoter returns to town and is thrown into an insidious world of designer drugs, psychosis and murder. Filled with mind-bending hallucinogenic moments, Trip City veers into the realm of Thomas De Quincy and Confessions of An Opium Eater.
PUBLISHED 1989 : Avernus Creative Media.
Originally packaged with a soundtrack EP cassette of original music by A Guy Called Gerad.
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