Trevor Miller is a British screenwriter and author who lives in Los Angeles. His debut novel, TRIP CITY, was published in 1989 by celebrated Sci-fi writer Brian Aldiss. Since then, he has had a diverse and checkered writing career - working alongside actors as varied as Kevin Spacey and Sylvester Stallone.
Numerous outrageous statements and allegations have been made about him, over the years. Here are just a few of them...
• He was asked to write a novel on C-I-A mind-control experiments with Steven Seagal.
• He was first brought to Los Angeles by scandalized celebrity photographer, John Rutter.
• He ghost-wrote THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT Fotonovel.
• He was asked to write the memoirs of notorious movie producer, Elie Samaha.
• Like Ray Bradbury, he lives in Los Angeles but has never driven a motor vehicle.
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• He wrote the award winning short film VUELO for James Gartner in an afternoon.
• He edited behind-the-scenes material on BULLY for Chris Hanley and Larry Clark.
• He was invited to sing on and write the lyrics for Moby's debut record, GO.
• He was the first person to publish the work of novelist Eddie Little.
• He pitched RAMBO IV to Sylvester Stallone as a remake of SHANE.
And just like the documentary about Orson Welles' unfinished masterpiece... IT'S ALL TRUE.
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